Fuel From Plane 2: Bomber Gas Station

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Concept of building petrol station under a concrete cement built airplane, may be eye catching and peculiar to think about in Bangladesh. But in western country like USA its not a new subject of attraction. After identify the road side attraction in my native country, I find two more such kinds(of course, my searching is not over. I am looking for more of this kind around the world). Here is another famous Fuel From Plane from USA:

Bomber Gas Station in Oregon
Bomber gas station is a landmark and unusual filling station of Milwaukie, since 1947.Unfortunately the filling station is not in operation right now, it stopped its service in 1991, though it is not active as a gas station , but till now its is a tourist attraction of the city.  

Arthur William Lacey, the owner of this station, bought a surplus B-17G from Arkansas, just after the World War II. He paid 15,000 $ for this WWII bomber. Before Jack it up and make it a gas station, Art had fought so many difficulties. Any one can make a film by the story , how he brought it in Oregon. 

Lacey could not fly this 4 engine airplane, it was really a hard nut to crack for Art if he did not  took a co-pilot, with him. At first,they headed for Palm Spring, which was a preferable place to set up the gas station, later the flew to Oregon. 

It was not a piece of cake for Lacey, because Oregon states Highway did not even permit to move the bomber by highway. Lacey then moved it, by mid night and pay 10 $ fine for bringing it on highway.

However, the bomber under goes restoration several times. Since the end of its operation, it has an associate with its adjacent Bomber Restaurant. The bomber is also known as "Lady Lacey"after his British wife). Lacey died in February, 2001; but the bomber keeps his legacy alive.
Address: 13515 SE McLoughlin, Milwaukie, OR [Street View]
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