Vuvuzela : Largest one to annoy you

Vuvuzela : Largest one to annoy you
Capetown : South Africa
I don't need to introduce vuvuzela to anyone who follows the soccer world cup 2010. This horn is the 'unsung' hero of the greatest show on earth. Usually it is just a 2 feet long instrument. Before the WC 2010 , it is just a horn using for South African celebration, after WC 2010 it gets a world wide attention, as well as giant size exposure too.

Hyundai-the Korean electronic giant constructed the world's largest working vuvuzela as part of a marketing campaign during the World Cup, on an unfinished overpass. The 35-meter (115 feet) blue vuvuzela in Cape Town was intended to be used at the beginning of each match; however, it had not yet sounded a note during the World Cup as its volume was a cause of concern to city authorities. 

Pix Credit:
From Google Street View
Following youtube video is the evidence of its fully functional capacity, watch- 

Good visibility :Western Boulevard-Buitengracht Street Crossing  [Street View]


Sittirella said...

Hello Faysal,
That is really huuuuuge!
But... vuVuzela or vuZuzela? :)
Please decide it. ;)
See you around!

Faysal said...

Serious typo.
Thanks for notifying me....
Its Vuvuzela , of course.

teca said...

But they are very noisy!

\o/ \o/ \o/

Hugs from Brasil.

Faysal said...

Hello Teca, yap they are ! very annoying for calm and peaceful people. Modest hug for you.

Amin said...

Very interesting post!

Faysal said...

Thank Amin.

Anonymous said...

thank for your comment on my blog, i liked explored your page !
Very pleasant and interesting, i liked !
I'm a followers with pleasure :))

Bye Mahon**

Faysal said...

I am very glad to see you here. it is always pleasure for me to have new friends. Thanks with lot regards.

ကိုျဖိဳး said...

that vuvuZela looks good and exciting but it is no use ?

Faysal said...

Right now it is not using, but it is an active giant. If you want to make sound out of it, You can.

My name is Renée. said...

Oh help, I hate that sound of the vuvuzela!

ေတာသူမေလး said...

So pleased to meet you - so kind of your to come.
I visited you page.
It was enjoyable.
I red to you comment.
I must confess i don't know.
so sorry !

Anonymous said...

enjoyable post

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