Vuvuzela : Largest one to annoy you

Vuvuzela : Largest one to annoy you
Capetown : South Africa
I don't need to introduce vuvuzela to anyone who follows the soccer world cup 2010. This horn is the 'unsung' hero of the greatest show on earth. Usually it is just a 2 feet long instrument. Before the WC 2010 , it is just a horn using for South African celebration, after WC 2010 it gets a world wide attention, as well as giant size exposure too.

Hyundai-the Korean electronic giant constructed the world's largest working vuvuzela as part of a marketing campaign during the World Cup, on an unfinished overpass. The 35-meter (115 feet) blue vuvuzela in Cape Town was intended to be used at the beginning of each match; however, it had not yet sounded a note during the World Cup as its volume was a cause of concern to city authorities. 

Pix Credit:
From Google Street View
Following youtube video is the evidence of its fully functional capacity, watch- 

Good visibility :Western Boulevard-Buitengracht Street Crossing  [Street View]
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