World's largest Jesus Christ Statue

World's largest Jesus Christ Statue

Swiebodzin (Swiebodzińskiego), Poland

Roman Catholic priests consecrated what local officials claim is the world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ in the presence of hundreds of Polish faithful on Sunday. Swiebodzin, a Polish town has officially unveiled the world’s largest Jesus statue- "Christ the King". The beautiful statue of Jesus surpasses the “Christ the Redeemer”, the famous Christ sculpture in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.


Giant statue of a crowned Jesus Christ being erected in Swiebodzin, Poland. The statue, similar in design to the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, will be more than 100ft tall. Locally known as Chrustusa white figure has more than 50 meters in height, of which 16 feet is piled a mound. On top of the 36-meter statue is gilded crown. Weight of the entire structure is estimated at 440 tonnes. This statue is lighter the in comparison to its progenitor. Miroslaw Kazimiez Patecki is the master architect of this Statue.

Similarity with The Redeemer is that both the Christ is clothed in long robes, standing motionless and outstretched hand, but the Polish version of the coat is much less clearcut and folded at the waist, a short tunic replaced the arm of the type imposed on the cape.

Here is a critical review by Piotr Sarzyński:

Head of Christ in Rio is gently lowered (looks over the city at the foot), and the face has a much more synthetic features, a beard almost merges with the cheeks, and managed to achieve a clear effect of gentle, thoughtful, even melancholy. Świebodzińskiego mug of Christ is more naturalistic, the head proudly raised, looking sober and penetrating, slightly imperious. Adds majesty crown, but will make the biggest impression, just when it all gilding and deposited on the head. But it is a problem. Well, designing a Christlike crown apparently not been historical and heraldic consultation and decided on its sleek, classic shape, called the corona Apert , or open. The problem is that it is a medieval symbol of vassal princes and kings, as distinct from sovereign rulers (Emperor), who are entitled to Claus corona (the crown is closed). As you can see, eager to exalt it must be able to.
Photo is taken by Sebastian Rzepiel for Agencja Gazeta
Distributed świebodzińskiego hands of Christ are directed slightly forward, as if in a gesture of thoughtfulness said: "Come to me, zdajcie under my care," in contrast to the profiles of the Rio, with his arms outstretched more and more with the intention of "behold, your whole". Both monuments cooperate well with their official names: Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) and Christ the King (Poland). Artistic quality difference can be seen primarily as compared physiognomy of both the sculptures in the expression of a strong, but outlined the simplest means, the face of Brazilian and fashioned with great care for detail, but without the creative spark - Polish. In sum, it is unlikely that the heirs' rights to the statue of the Rio wanted to assert copyright in a priest in Świebodzin.

This Statue is opened for all from last Sunday , 21-11-2010.

Thanks goes to : Tomasz Wiech
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