Sight By Walk : Nandail Tank of Kalai

Sight By Walk : Nandail Tank of Kalai
Nandail : Punot : Kalai : Joypur Hat : Bangladesh


Kalai[কালাই] is an upazila of Joypurhat[জয়পুরহাট] District of Bangladesh,which is famous for cultivating potato, rice and various spices. The place is situated between Joypurhat and Bogra. It is a nice plain land of Barind[বরেন্দ্র] Tract. This place is significantly important for Joypurhat District, because the largest tank of district is located here at Nandail[নান্দাইল] village.

Series of Acacia Tree on the bank of tank [ Panoramio
Nothern part from from Southern edge
Series of trees
Nandail Tank/ Dighi/ Deeghi

There is a man made tank situated at Nandail village of Punot Union of Kalai. I took a Sight By Walk around that huge tank few day ago and experiences to see some nice scene and calm environment as well as local biodiversity based on that vivid pond. People of Kalai feel proud and believe this tank is the only tourist attraction of their Upazila.

Nandail Tank is locally known as Nandail Dighee [নান্দাইল দীঘি], a man made rectangular shape tank or reservoir for the vicinity. This huge tank is the main source of irrigation and fish culture of Nandail Village, as I find no notable channel for natural irrigation is there for such farming and cultivating village.  Some four habibat of Nandail is surrounding this huge tank. 

Small pit for boats

A broken boat is waiting to be fixed up.

History, Myth and Facts

Entire tank is roughly 952-55 meters long and 230-242 meters wide, acquiring total volume of 59.40 acres{0.24 square kilometers}. It is said that the local raj Nandalal was the mastermind to dig up this tank in 1610. Another common myth about this tank that is- tank was dug out in one night. This is a governments property now, local government leases this tank for fish farming every year. The tank is surrounded by several series of trees, including palm,coconut, acacia, mango, mehgoni and some other species, and lot of aquatic plants at banks. There are many snakes, few otters, fresh water frogs and domestic ducks always be seen. Checkered Killback (Xenochropis piscator) is very common species at there.  This huge tank is the home for many migratory birds in winter season.
There is a college and a local library by the name of this tank is established at the southeast corner of this  tank.

Nandail Dighee College
Northern View [Panoramio]

A chekered killback is swiming.

Time to visit

This nice place can be visited any time of year. To see the migratory bird, November to February is the best time of year to go there. Morning and evening view of this tank and its surrounding is very scenic. Sunset at Nandail is more beautiful as my following photos shows:

Awesome Sunset at Nandail Tank 1
Silhouette effect  of sunlight on the water
Series of palm trees beside the tank[Panoramio]
Awesome Sunset at Nandail Tank 2
Awesome Sunset at Nandail Tank 3
Awesome Sunset at Nandail Tank 4 [Panoramio]
Awesome Sunset at Nandail Tank  5

There is no hotel at Nandail village, travelers have to stay at Kalai Municipality Area. It takes 15-20 Taka per person from Kalai to Nandail bustand before Punot Hat busstand by local vehicles : Nosimon , BatteryTrikes are also available to go near tank directly from Kalai. Tourist can take rickshaw or van to go Nandail village from bus stand, I did not wait for any rickshaw, I walked in to see the road side village scenery. 
Travellers can come to Kalai via bus or by train via Joypur Hat. Have a safe Journey. 

Here is the Google Map Location : Nandail Tank on Google Map

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