World's Smallest Prison: Needingworth

World's Smallest Prison: Needingworth
Needingworth : Cambridgeshire : United Kingdom

Untill today, I have known that the smallest prison of the world is situated in Sark Island. Now, I find out another prison, which is actually a lock up - the tiniest one, situated in Needingworth Village of Cambridgeshire of England. Shark Prison is habitable for least two inmates. The lock up of Needingworth is much smaller in case of habitability, because it can accommodate only one prisoner  at a time, in temporary basis. 

Edited from Google Street View

From Flickr by symonmreynolds
This strong wall structure was build in 1838, establishment year is inscribed on the front plate as "1838 VILLAGE LOCK UP" This lock up is locally known as cage, and used to kept drunks or felons for shot time , before moving to more bigger prison.  It has a cat slide tile roof, with one front door, the door is only ventilation for this lock up. I guess, This lock up is not operative this days. 

This tiny lock up is situated at the junction of 38 High Street and Overcote Lane, just in front of "Memorial'.

Thanks to Sight By Walk reader Graeme Donnelly for bringing me this place of interest into my attention. It is really an impressive and rarely known landmark for many people like me. 

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