Turn Table of Akhaura

Just before two weeks , I was ignorant about Turn Table. I have known it, when one of GEC member ammomin(a traveler in GEC) gives a reply to my GEC post .   Its a railway term. In simple meaning the device which reverse the locomotive. It will be wise for me to give a formal definition of Turn Table for ignorant people like me-

"A Turn Table is a device to turn railroad rolling stock. When steam locomotives were still in wide use, many railroads need a way to turn the locomotives around for return tips  as there controls were often not configured for extended periods of running in reverse and in many locomotives the top speed was  lower in reverse motion. Turn Table were also used to turn observation cars windowed lounge faced toward the rare of the train."  - Wiki

I was travelling to the Eastern zone of Bangladesh, at the end of this June. Akhaura Junction was a general stoppage for the inter city train (Jayantika) on the way to the Sylhet(Now Azampur Railway Station is a regular stoppage at Sylhet Line). 
There I find out a turn table in Akhaura Junction. it was a rainy day, so I did not dare to use our team's camera. I am giving a Google Earth Sat view of that round table:
Google Earth Historic Imegary
 It is one of the oldest turn table in Bangladesh. There are two more in Kamlapur and Pahartali identified by Ammomin. I guess there will be another one in Saidpur Railway Workshop. This one could be the oldest one in Bangladesh. It was built by the Ransomes and Rapier Ltd at Ipswich, England in 1927.

I guess This turn table is still an active one for Bangladesh Railway. This is a nice mechanical stuff. Some times it seem to me , our Railway Authority is not so strong in operation , I feel worried about this popular communication, but when I find out such old things are still in use with care, I feel proud of our Bangladeshi Railway. 
Akhaura Map can be accessed here.
Google Earth Placemark 
More pixes in Wikimedia | Bangladesh Railway Stations
Panoramio pixes is erased on the owners request, will be restored after owners consent. 
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