Giant 'Transformers' on Earth 3

Transformers-a popular fiction and film really puts impact to some people's life. This post includes two giant transformer's statue on earth.These statues are open air statue, not for promoting the film or fiction. Most of the lifesize statues of Transformers exhibited for promoting film in various cineplex and malls for time being. Those are not included in this post. Here is the latest edition from~

Voronivka, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine 

Pix Credit: Greendairy
This one is not a full fledged Transformer. Like others it is also built of scraps but not the junkies out of cars and motorbikes at large. To build this metal guard, the builder use an expired cargo handler ,with a combination of three frontal part of cars.

Vadim Tolbatov from Panoramio

Bushmaster from Panoramio

This giant is using for the welcoming the visitor, standing like the guard of the gateway at the entrance road of a cargo(coal, ore, grain, fertilizers etc) handling complex. there is a logo of the operator that complex TIS(TransInvestService Ltd) on the chest of this giant. This huge outcome from the TIS junkyard(which is actually just beside the place it stands) is also contain an LED electric moving massage sign set on its "eyes".

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