World's Highest Glass Trail : Zhangjiajie

World's Highest Glass Planked Trail : Zhangjiajie
Zhangjiajie : Hunan : China

Zhangjiajie is one of the most naturally beautiful place and famous for its scenic sites of Wulingyuan, which place is a UNESCO heritage site. Forest park of Zhangjiajie is also bear the status of being the first national park of China. Tianmen(Heaven's Gate) Mountain Range blesses this place with the bounty of nature. This place is already famous for the Bailong Great Elivator, is now going to set another record by building the glass plank road on the highest altitide. The amazing glass trail is already constructed and open for the visitors, Check out the thrilly-chilly photos:  

Tianmenshan glass plank road

This topper glass trail is open for tourist since 07-11-2011. Chinese tourism department took a great risk to set up those glass planks on these high degree vertical mountains, Its really a subject of credit for them to finish the project. I appreciate the idea of making such trail   on good level of altitude and give them many greetings for making this  trail by glass instead of any other materials.  Many tourists still need some time to get accustomed to the seeming emptiness under our feet over a huge chasm.

This glass trail is a part of west road, located at the top of western side Tianmen Mountain, at the 1430 meters(4700 feet) above the sea level, one of the highest hiking trail of the world. Entire  trail is 60 meters long(200 feet) joins the west cliff at the Yunmeng Fairy Summit, the summit of Tianmen Mountain and Zhang Jiajie. This glass-paved way is just under 3 inches thick[this state is quite scary] Sooner or later this trail will be a hot topic around the world. Tourist may get  the trill for 'standing on the sky', while loitering on that transparent trail. Tourists are suggested to wear protective shoes to avoid slippery on glass track . Chinese tourism department suggest tourist to cover their shoes for keeping the glass clean also(good idea!). Faint heart! please don't try to be a hero,be careful! there is no hospital around that trail.

It is going to be another bizarre and attractive path for many adventurous travelers very soon. I can imagine, the scenery of cliffs would be more exciting to watch from the railing of this glass plank road. Check out this short Youtube video[ by clouprai]:

Image and Info source : 1.Zhangjiajie Tourism | 2. | SkyNews
Possible Geo location : Google Map | Google Earth KMZ here


teca said...

How incredible! I'd like to be there to see...
By the way, how's everything?
A big hug.

Faysal said...

Hello teca, nice to see a familiar face after a long time. I am fine right now. last 2 months was so rushing for me, I feel like the time is passing away to fast. How are you? A warm hug for you too :)

thanks for your comment as well.

Sittirella said...

It's crazy! It's awesome! :)))
I would like to be there...

By the way, please change your template :/
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Warm hugs from cold Poland :)

Faysal said...

thanks for your suggestion, i will change it soon to a lighter color. nice to see you. A warm hug for you from rainy winter of Bangladesh.

teca said...

I'm also well, thank you for asking.
I have worked hard and had fun bit. :( Things of the modern world.
See you as soon, honey.
Warm hugs from Brasil.

Live Exclusive Sports said...

Wonderful as well as scaryy

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