Infinity reaches the top : Marina Bay Sands

Infinity has no limit, than how it can reach the top! Don't take aback to see the title of this post. Here 'infinity' refers a specific kind of swimming pool.

An infinity pool also named negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge pool is a swimming or reflecting pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to "infinity"[wiki]. Specially it extends toward  sea or  another aquatic portion. Following picture is an example of common infinity edge pools, generally used in various luxurious hotels and exotic resorts-

Aquatic Pool Review

An infinity pool at Amalfy coast, Italy
In fact , not all infinity pool extends toward sea,  there is an exception- the pool of Marina Bay Sand's (a 4 billion dollar luxury hotel) 'Skypark' ends up towards the skyline of Singapore City. the infinity edge pool of Singapore Marina Bay Hotel is built on above 650 feet (55 Storied) from the ground, the world largest outdoor pool at the most loftiest point.This pool is 150 meters (492 feet) long, three times larger than that of an Olympic swimming pool.  Just take a look:

Best view of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands | Credit Pix: reuters 

It is not the widest one(some 1000 meters long), but surely it is the 'top' one in the world. While the water in the infinity pool seems to end in a sheer drop, it actually spills into a catchment area where it is pumped back into the main pool.[More]

It is not possible to see the pool from street, but travelers may not mind to see the location of Marina Sands.Here is a [Google Street View] from the opposite side of the resort. unfortunately GSV was taken during the construction period.

Google Earth | Bing Maps | Andrew JK Tan's Flickr Set | The Daily Mail | Official web 

PS: This post is not for weak hearted people who really think that there is no boundary of such pool and anyone could drop from that altitude to death(just jocking).
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