Unique Banyan Tree of Akhaura

Unique Banyan Tree
Debagram: Akhaura: Bangladesh

Last year on the victory day(16-12-2012), I had gone to Akhaura to see the border side villages. I walking though an unknown street inside Akhaura Municipality to reach the main road. I rarely know this place thus I ended up at an entrance of a Shiva Temple, and there was the tree waiting for me to view with charms. 

Usually Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis) a native tree of Bangladesh have unique fruit structure and are dependent on fig wasps for reproduction. The seeds of Banyans are dispersed by fruit eating birds. The seeds germinate and send down roots towards ground, which may envelop part of host tree and building structure. This nature of banyan tree often creates very impressive, eye catching and unique outlook with very mystical value. 

Sight by walk take me to an unique Banyan tree in the premises of the temple. There is the surprise for me. The Banyan tree covers the entire Shiva Temple by it's roots and branches in a natural geometry.There are four passage to go inside this single chambered 15 feet tall temple, without those entrance almost Tree  jacketed every bricks and plasters, it is awesome. 

I was so interesting to know more about this master tree.  It is the time of sunset, there were two children playing at the premised, they could not provide me the exact date of building this typical but very interesting Shiva Temple. I assumed that the temple is some 150 years old, and the Banyan tree is more than 80 years old. There is a electric lamp hanging and fixed into the trees branch without any base for night lighting, interesting.

My following amateur YOUTUBE video might give the redears better idea about how interesting an unique the Banyan tree is, enjoy:

Here is the location of This Latest Sight by Walk Finding: Google Map

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