Giant Magpie Robin at Dhaka

Giant Magpie Robin Statue at Dhaka
DIT Avenue: Dhaka: Bangladesh

Magpie Robin(Copsychus saularis) is the national bird of Bangladesh. Commonly known as Doyel (দোয়েল) has some ood impact on our national life. The bird is used in our currency landmark. Using as a symbol for Bangladesh. This bird also selected as the mascot of SA games of its last edition.This time, sight by walk edition is going to show the statue of a life size Oriental Magpie Robin. This statue caught my eye on my regular on road journey to cross Gulistan grid-lock, one of the busiest of Dhaka City. Any pedestrian can see this giant bird at the gate of Bangladesh Olympic Association building, while walking on DIT Avenue, from DIT building to Gulistan node.

The Replica of Giant Magpie Robin in front of Prime Minister's Office
দোয়েল চত্তর Doyel Circle at Dhaka University

Well, I have no proper idea about the size and height about this life size statue of this one. This statue is made in honor of 11th South Asian Games. There is another one of the same size at the entrance Prime Minister's Office. There is a popular sculpture of of this bird at Dhaka University, in the node of Shishu Academy and Curzon   Hall, but this one is like the original one looking for fly to catch. Enjoy.


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