Magic Mountain Lodge : Waterfall Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel : Montana Magica Lodge : Waterfall Hotel
Huilo Huilo : Panguipulli : Valdivia : Los Rios Region : Chile

Magic Mountain hotel is situated in a privately owned reserve forest in Huilo Huilo biological reserve, just 2.6 kilometers on national highway 203 from Puerto Fuy village of Southern Chile. Main attraction of this hotel is the waterfall[don't guess it's natural too] cascading from the top and water fall down by a side. The water in these places is of great purity, and from the idea of showing the energy and life of this element, the project is a mountain, from which comes this life and contains the magic of the forest trees inside, finding in each of its details, the beings and elements that are unique and irreplaceable native forests.

The most impressive character of this volcano shaped architect is the nature around its area, combined with forest setting. To me this lodge is a classic example of eco-friendly or naturally sustainable tourism. Half of the exterior of this surprise architect is covered with exotic herbs of South America, which makes this hotel camouflaged in forest. Like magical exterior, interior of this lodge is also superbly decorated with many modern comforts.  Interior of hotel is decorated,designed and structured according to the traditional Chilean house by the local woods and stones. Windows,door and stairs, even walls are created using the local woods found around Puerto Fuy village by local craftsman.

There are nine rooms in this noble architecture, which are named after the local birds. It is a four star hotel, including sauna, restaurant, playing space for children, minigolf, reading rooms and special bathrooms in ancient logs heated with natural waters. It is really a great place to stay in jungle.
Photos collected from the official web this hotel, for more photos click here.
Geotag : Google Map | Useful link : atlasobscura

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