Sight By Walk: Digital Desire

Sight By Walk : Digital Desire
Agargaon: Dhaka: Bangladesh

There are some fascinating sculpture on public display around Dhaka City. Digital Desire is one of those innovative, eye catching, masterpiece from sculptor Mrinal Haque. This sculpture is erected at the front gate of BCS Computer City,the annexed part of IDB,which is a very popular IT accessories market of Bangladesh.

The Theme
Mrinal Haque is a well known artist for his murals, sculptures of Bangladesh. He has made this sculpture, which represent the theme of 'leaping toward futuristic world'. The title of the sculpture- 'Digital Desire' represents the development of Information Technology and digitization in various sectors of Bangladesh to keep the pace with current IT based communicative world. Title of this sculpture is also symbolize the desire of people for adopting digitization, mostly the Generation 'Y' of Bangladesh.The sculpture is unveiled for public on 03 January 2011.

Description of Sculpture
There are a man and a woman in pose of 'running'. The couple is structured on a black ceramic tiles covered concrete podium. The man is taller than the woman. Both of them is over 10 feet tall. They are running by their right feet on forward. The sculptor has used lot of computer hardware scraps specially circuit boards and cables to build these two humanoids. Bodies are made of printed circuit boards. The hairs are made of various electrical wires. There are lot of connectivity cables comes  out from the back of these running duet as the depiction of 'flash running'.

Wanna See it !
You have already known the place of this sculpture.The couple of 'Digital Desire' is running in front of IDB-BCS Computer City entrance. People can find out this fascinating one by giving two minutes walk from Agargaon Bus Stand. Here is the GeoTags:

Google Street View | Google Map location

Sight By Walk: "Bibi Mariam" The Cannon of Mir Jumla

Sight By Walk: "Bibi Mariam" The Cannon of Mir Jumla
Osmani Park : Gulistan : Dhaka : Bangladesh

At present there are some cannons at Dhaka National Museum, but you have to buy tickets to see those medieval warheads. Only one gorgeous and giant cannon is out of museum and install in a public place- The Bibi Mariam

Front Side: 20th July, 2012[Panoramio
Rare Side: 10th July, 2013
Bibi Mariam cannon is a fascinating war-piece. It has a fascinating history as well long time attachment with Dhaka City. It is part of pair cannons made by Dhaka's local blacksmiths under the supervision of Mughal arm designers. The other one of the pair was titled after male name as  'Kaley khan Jam-Jam' . Bibi Mariam is smaller than the Kaley Khan Jam-Jam. These two cannons were used to keep the Mogh and Arakanese pirates away and secure the waterway e.g. the Buriganga during Mughal era. These two were the best gun of Mir Jumla's Arsenal. Mir Jumla was the Governor of Mughal Dhaka since 1660-1663. Bibi Mariam was used and travelled a great deal of annex Mughal Empire upto Kamprupa of Assam. later the pair was brought back to Dhaka. Kaley Khan was vanquished by river erosion since 1832 somewhere between todays Sadarghat and Zinzira area. Since then Bibi Mariam is placed in different places around the Old part of Dhaka City:Chawkbazar, Sadarghat, Gulistan and lastly now at  South Gate of Osmani Udyan[Osmani Park].

"Bibi Mariam is 17’-6” long,  maximum outer diameter at rear is 2’-2” and at mouth 2-6” with 6"dia. barrel hole (inside dia)". The cannon is made of wrought iron. Barrel of the cannon is conjuncted of three separate tubes. 

In Google Map | British Library | Dhaka

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