Up side Down House in Szymbark

Up side Down House in Szymbark
Szymbark : Poland

Poland has an upside down house in Szymbark, which is built in just 114 days in 2006. It is a major tourist attraction these days. The plan for build such an unusual house comes out from Daniel Czapiewski's mind, who is a Polish businessman and philanthropist, built this house as an artistic statement about the Communist Era and current state of the world.

Daniel Czapiewski designed this house according the traditional Polish Style of country side houses.  The interior is designed with Polish paintings,documents and maps about Communist era in Poland,  traditional and contemporary furnitures. After I learn about this house I feel that its a thematic architecture with a massage to mankind :
Be alert ! This could be happed to you too

He Felt that the way we lead our life, would lead us in an upside down state soon. This house is a symbol for the upcoming days for the mankind. The following Youtube video is a clip exhibition of his unique conceptualization, he also expresses his view about this house, here : 

Before take a tour in this house, I believe the tourist should practice and play illusion games and puzzles because many tourists complain of mild seasickness and dizziness after just a few minute in this structure. Even the construction workers  were suffered dizziness and confusion during the set up of the interior of this off-track house.
More Reading source : Un-Usual Architecture | About.com

Pix sources : 
Winter pix is snapped by Grudzien70 from Panoramio 
www.urloplany.pl from Flickr

Google Earth View: Click << here  Google Map 


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