Keetwoningen of The Netharlands: Biggest Container Housing

Living in the converted shipping container is very recent concept. The first implementation of using container for housing solution is found in Trinity Buoy Wharf, Leamouth. Day by day this concept of using the container for temporary  or permanent housing solution is getting popular in western countries. Here are two examples from the Netharlands. This housing complexes are made of recycled and ready for reuse shipping containers, locally known as  Keetowningen or containerwoningen(which literally means Container Homes):

  1. HJ Wenckebachweg East Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam
  2. Dampsterdiep, Gorningen
1. HJ Wenckebachweg East Watergraafsmeer, Amsterdam
Keetowningen of Amsterdam is claimed to be the biggest city of container housing in the world, by the realted housing authority.

Temposhousing from Flickr
FEBER CPH from Flickr
keetowningen is the second significant example of such housing in Amsterdam,the project run by tempohousing. It is a student dormitory consists of 1000 temporary container houses. The project was started in late 2005 and completed in mid 2006. 

The blocks have a closed off internal area for safe bicycle parking, also including an automatic ventilation system with variable speeds. The heating is from a central natural gas boiler system. The hot water is supplied by one 50 liter tank per home and a high speed internet connection is included

Address :  
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 3010 ,1096 DP Amsterdam, NL  [Google Street View]
2.Dampsterdiep 269, Gorningen
This one is not so stylish like the Amsterdam's one. This complex is consist of 300 containers  divided in two blocks with external cycle and car parking facilities.  

Koos K from Panoramio

Address : 9713 Groningen, The Netherlands [Google Street View]
Thanks to Kite Surfer for this precious info about the Groningen and correcting the local name of containers of thses recycled housing matarials. 



As a usual very interesting post!

Rudy de Groot said...

Hi Faysal. ;)

I think you might be confused by some web site in the naming of the place.. In Amsterdam, the (dialect) name of a group of such buildings is called keetwoningen. It literally means Container Homes! A more common name for those are containerwoningen. We have them too in Groningen, check those out at 53.220908, 6.587330.

Regards, Kite. ;)

FaysaL said...

Thanks Kite. I better change the title. It's really a shame for me to provide wrong info. Thanks for your timely correction. I am going to check the one in Groningen too. :)

Rama Ananth said...

I had never heard of such housing before. It is really a very good idea. And there is nothing to be ashamed of, you got the correct information and added it. Somebody was good enough to point it out to you.
Have a nice weekend.

FaysaL said...

Thanks a lot rama. Have a nice weekend

leila said...

Des maisons containers! quelle bonne idée! surtout pour des étudiants par exemple, ce serait une excellente solution.Ils se contentent de si peu.

leila said...

Bon début de semaine Faycal

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