Chini Masjid : A 'Chini Tikri' Spectacular

Chini Masjid : A 'Chini Tikri' Spectacular
Location: Saidpur, Nilphamari, Bangladesh

Since the inception of Muslim rulers in this region in 1204, building  masjid in populous hubs become a tradition.Even at present, many Masjids of medieval age are still standing with pride with very rich plinth of architecture,unique terracotta and longevity.Many of this Masjids are still in use for prayer, without any fear of expiration. Most of these Masjids, along with the medieval Mandirs are the main interest of research and exploration for our native archeologist. Day by day the archeological value of these ancient architecture is getting rich.  

Chini Masjid is one of most significant example of archaeological heritage, situated in Saidpur, the northern railway and industrial town of Bangladesh. This masjid was built in 1863. Perhaps the best and renowned masjid for its mosaic work or Chini Tikri art of Decoration.

'Chini Tikri' is art of decoration with mosaic where small chips of Chinaware-plate, and pieces of glass(both color and non color) porceline, lends and jewels  used as materials. Most of the Historic Masjids that were built in age of Mughals in Bengal(1576-1757)are the best examples of this type of decoration culture.

Chini Masjid is the latest decor and significant example of such mosaic fabrication. This  seemingly improbable masterpiece  was built in one year. Entire complex, both interior and outside including minarets and domes is fabricated, only the floor of the compound is  left untouched for any  artwork.
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Beautiful photos! I love them!

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Very interesting.

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cool artwork.

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