Ali Amjad Khan's Clock Tower : Oldest & First in Bangladesh

Ali Amjad Khan's Clock Tower : Oldest & First in Bangladesh
Chandnighat : Kotwali : Sylhet : Bangladesh

I find so few tourist who did not see the singular clock tower crossing the Kean Bridge of Sylhet. Most of them notice it properly or at least stare at it once. Clock tower is not an interesting thing to watch with attention to many people world wide; but it is really a rare tower in Bangladesh. Again, there is no Big Ben in Bangladesh; but many urban dwellers of Dhaka and Sylhet may disagree that a clock tower is not so interesting subject to write blog about it. To me, Ali Amjad's clock tower is a special one and clearly distinctive from the other two of Dhaka's DIT and Nagar Baban towers(see picture 1).

Picture 1: Clock towers of Nagar Bhaban and Dhaka DIT, now RAJUK
Ali Amjad's Clock Tower
Ali Amjad's* clock is a popular attraction of Sylhet City. Situated on the Northern bank of the Surma river at Chandnighat, down left to another most 'talk-about' subject - the Kean Bridge. This is the oldest and first clock tower of Bangladesh, as well as a singular genre. Ali Amjad Khan, a Nawab of Prithimpassa, built this tower. 
At far sight, one can easily presume it as a church, because of its structure. I wonder what was the color of corrugated sheets at the early days. I find the architecture  of it is also interesting  Tower is standing one an octagonal base, clock chamber is rectangular and lastly the crest of tower is a triangular pyramid.  

Picture 2: Ali Amjad's Clock Tower and the Kean Bridge
Picture 3 : Ali Amjad' s Clock Tower, from Ali Nasir Khan
Unlike other two dials this is not a part of a big building, it is build only to be a clock tower, and this is the best distinctive feature of this clock tower with others of Bangladesh. The clock is now active after a long time break. District Council of Sylhet maintains and provide mechanical support, these days. 

Background of This Clock
I guess, Ali Amjad was a philanthropist and had good taste to build this tower. But exactly since when this clock has been start ticking, I could not find out. I did ask the local people about the history, unfortunately Sylhety dialect was really more than Greek to me. I have dilemma about the exact story behind building this tower. Perhaps the following two sources could provide idea about the background story-
According to Nawab's family web, the clock was presented by Ali Amjad's father Nawab Ali Ahmed Khan, which he was later constructed around 1895(1301 Bangla Calender). Another source+,Ali Amjad was invited to see Delhi and thereby charmed by the clock made with the instigation of the princess of Delhi. He also craved to build the same and eventually made it with the similar design & pattern. 

Whatever the history is, I find this clock unique and notable attraction to write about.
Picture Source: RAJUK and Nagar Bhaban,from Banglapedia | Wikipedia
Geotag: Google Map
*[alternatively pronounced as Ali Amzad ;and mistakenly Ali Amgad]
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