Giant 'Transformers' on Earth 2

Transformers-a popular fiction and film really puts impact to some people's life. This post includes two giant transformer's statue on earth.These statues are open air statue, not for promoting the film or fiction. Most of the lifesize statues of Transformers exhibited for promoting film in various cineplex and malls for time being. Those are not included in this post.

In the my previous post, I brought two giant transformer replicas. Like those two this one is also build of recycles scrap items. Here is the latest one from~

Green Dream Park
Chadaokou, Beijing, China

This one is a 38 feet tall (11.5 meters) giant Optimus Prime replica, standing tall at the North East Square of the famous Bird's Nest in Beijing. Created as part of the ‘Green Dream Park’, to promote China’s commitment to environmentalism and a ‘green lifestyle’. almost 6 tons of metals is recycled in building this giant.

Workers at the park said it took 20 old vans and trucks, countless tires, motor bikes and other auto parts to build the statue. It takes 5 trucks to transport the scraps and over two hours to give it a base to stand on its two legs. Watch the following clip with a good description and the objective behind making this robot out of junks:

Looks like, we are going to see many more robot like this around the world in near future, make out of recycled metals. A new tread is started, and this one is just an icon the trend. 
More reading : Metro UK | CNTV | ABC News
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