Up Side Down Churches Around the World

These Churches are not a functional or operative Church, but sculptures. These Churches are the brain child of a  master artist , Dennis Oppenheim. This master artist has built the first one in 1997 named it "Device to Route out Evil" .After a brief search in Google, I have found only three of such art around the world, these are :
  1. Device to Route Out Evil, in Calgary , Canada - the most famous one, its a replacement the sculpture from Vancouver, Canada
  2. Up Side Down Church of Lincln, Nebraska, USA is the replica sculpture of a private collector.
  3. Up Side Down Church of Palma, Spain - This road side artwork is a quasi similar to the former one,  and the last
IIt is one of the unique modern art work, a subject of controversy among the christian community, but to the art lover, its an icon to express "an idyllic, contemplative spot on the edge of an energetic development which provides an ever-changing backdrop in the heart of an eclectic and storied community".

According to the Creator-
"In sculpture, economy of gesture is often the mark of a successful work. In Device to Root out Evil, the simple inversion of a building (a church) is enough to radically alter the content of this object, and propel it into the pantheon reserved for high art. The steeple, usually piercing the sky in its lunge toward heaven, is now at ground level, pursuing with vigor, the demons of the deep.The church becomes dynamic by cantilevering this meeting place into mid air, thus projecting all occupants into a spacial no mans land where equilibrium is exchanged for the dynamics of pursuit".

Here are those modern and unique art pieces story:
1. Controversy and Removal from Vancouver
Image from Roy and Susan from Panoramio

Image Courtesy : Tripleman from Flickr  

The art piece was placed in Harbour Green Park on Cordova Street as part of the Vancouver Biennale Sculpture Festival in 2005 before the sculpute were removed to Calgary, this was the location where it was primarily installed in Canada. Dennis Oppenheim is start to dismantled it when the Vancouver Park Board commissioners decided to remove this iconic landmark. Later it has been resurrected by the Glenbow Museum, Calgary- the current location.

The news published in Vancouver Sun, June 5 2008

It was controversial for New York City, for Stanford University too, the university didn’t want the controversial sculpture on its ground.Vancouverites then to make complaints about it,after 2 and half years since it was planted in Coal Harbour. Residents of the Coal Harbour neighbourhood complained that the more than six-metre-tall (and wide) statues blocked their scenic view. Other residents said it simply offended their Christian beliefs to see a church turned upside-down. The Park Board agreed.

2. Finding New home in Ramsay, Calgary

After exhibited worldwide by such Institutions as London’s Tate Gallery and The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and a controversial exit from Vancouver, the sculpture finally find it s permanent home in Calgary. Calgarians not only can handle critical conversation and debate, but welcome it. It is now in exhibition in the Glenbow Museum. Since the museum authority announced to reveal  the sculpture in September, 2008.

"Device in Ramsay" by Tripleman from Flickr
Size: 20' x 15' x 8'
Style and Material : It’s a New England Style country church is seen balancing on its steeple, as if it had been lifted by a terrific force and brought to the site as a device or method of rooting out evil forces using Galvanized structural steel, anodized perforated aluminum, transparent red Venetian glass, concrete foundations.
3. Second of its Kind, Lincoln, Nebraska

I haven't found proper information about this duplicate sculpture.This one is owned by Robert Duncan, a private collector (well known name in Lincoln with aviation) which lies on a 40-acre sculpture park.

images by Kewlgrrl from Flickr
This one is the same in size and style-
A New England Style country church is seen balancing on it’s steeple, as if it had been lifted by a terrific force and brought to the site as a device or method of rooting out evil forces Galvanized structural steel, anodized perforated aluminum,concrete foundations, but in case of transparent glass, DARK BLUE Venetian is used for this one.

4.Up Side Down Church of Palma, Spain - the prototype
this one is the only one outside North America, perhaps a native Mallorca artist erects this prototype just outside the ABA Art Contemporani, in Palma. Probable erection date : 2004

Image by Josehico from Panoramio

Image by ClusterOne from Panoramio

This church follows the style of the Calgary, but it is significantly different than those of North America. Wooden frame is used along with steel. The windows are covered by white board from inside. This one is colorful. Corrugated colorful sheet is used instead of colorful transparent Venetian glasses.

Street View in Google Map:  Calgary and Palma | Nebraska Bing View
To see in Google Earth >>Click<<

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