Giant 'Transformers' on Earth

Transformers-a popular fiction and film really puts impact to some people's life. This post includes two giant transformer's statue on earth. These are :

  1. CAFA, Beijing, China
  2. Lemoore, California, USA
These statues are open air statue, not for promoting the film or fiction. Most of the lifesize statues of Transformers exhibited for promoting film in various cineplex and malls for time being. Those are not included in this post.

CAFA, Beijing, China

This one is a project work of some students of CAFA, as a part of their graduation program. Good news is that they recycle a Chinese military truck and 'transform'ed it into a nine meters tall(almost 32 feet) statue, which is weighted over four tons.
The students did not make it for free, because It costs just $4,470 to build this one out of that scrapped out truck.The design of the character is created based on the famous general from a Shu Army whose name is Guan Yu from Eastern Han Dynasty.

Lemoore, California, USA
This is the story  about a person who is very fascinated by the Autobots from Transformers. Who builds his own Transformer statue in front of yard. the Statue of this autobot is a first generation Bumble bee at his parents firm yard. This statue is an icon of love of a father for his son.

Tom Rhoads, who restors classic cars, has build this statue, inspired from his son, Drew's birth(left pix). It takes a year to build this giant transformer for Rhoads and his friends, in their spare time.
It was a hard job to make it stand on the ground. Thick steel rods are used to stand on its feet, and to balance the wind force.

The statue stands at 18 feet tall and built from a used Volkswagen. A crane had to hoist the 1200 lb robot onto its feet after the welding was completed. Its legs are made of steel and angle iron to keep it secure. Bumblebee is visible from a mile away across the flat farm fields.As it is a private property, it is not open for 24/7, but polite people can see it, but have to follow some rules(the right pix). The maker and creator of "Transformer" should give award to Tom for the lenghty and hard working job.
Pix and Info sources:
1.China : Green Launches | Generation Mech


Sado said...

wow, that's so cool...i'm supposed to be inveting something for a competition i'm taking part in so always on the lookout for new technology XD

Faysal said...

Cool best of luck foryou in competition. i am inviting you to read my other posts.

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