Atiya Masjid : 4 Century Old Architecture

Nowadays I am passing my most lazy days. A trip out of home works like a  tonic for me, to reshuffle my schedule and of course, daily life. Here is a new sightbywalk edition, this time- its from Delduar, Tangail. 

Atiya Masjid : 4 Century Old Architecture
.Atiya Masjid is situated in the village of Atiya under Delduar Thana in Tangail district, about six kilometers south of the district headquarters. It stands on the east bank of the Louhajang River. A four century old architechture, one of the impressive example of Muslim-Bangla terracotta art.

According to an inscription (preserved in bangladesh national museum, Dhaka),

the mosque was constructed in 1019 AH (1610-11 AD) during the reign of
Emperor jahangir by Sayeed Khan Panni, son of Baizid Khan Panni, in honour of Shah Baba Kashmiri.
The builder also excavated a big tank on the western side of the mosque.
Atiya came into prominence after the arrival of a great saint Shah Baba Kashmiri,
who propagated Islam in this part of Bengal.

Now a replica of the inscription,fixed over the central doorway of the mosque,
indicates that it was erected in 1018 AH (1609 AD).

Entrances, Qibla and Mihrabs

The eastern facade has three arched entrances; the middle one is slightly larger than the others. The arches are of the four-centred variety. The main prayer chamber is accessible from the corridor through three smaller doorways. The mosque has four other openings, two each on the south and north sides. On the qibla wall there are three decorated mihrabs, the central one has an external projection on the west side. 


In the field of decorative art, especially in terracotta and carved brick ornamentation, the craftsmen of Bengal made a distinct contribution. The structural feature of the Bengali villager's plaited grass huts is reflected in the close-set panel-decoration of the facade of Atiya Mosque.The terracotta panels depict designs of abstract, geometric and floral patterns only. The mosque blends harmoniously both the Sultanate and Mughal features of Bengal architecture.

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