Urban Beauty : Metalized Peacock

Walking in streets is one of my common urban life regular job. Living in an unplanned city like Dhaka is really a credible subject, it is more credible for one person to manage well and shortcut communication for saving  time than living here. Therefore, walking is an essential  way of communication in such transport systems for the common dwellers of Dhaka City. I do this walking job with passion because, it is the best way to find many unique view around me.

Last week(19th January, 2010)  I was in Tejgaon, one of the industrial zone of city. Crossings of  seven road is one the focused node of  Tejgaon. Just before 2 yeas or 3, It was just a circle like many ordinary crossings. Now this place or circle is a home of three peacock
Recently this Mega City is going through many changes, one of the major change of this city is taken in measure trough beautifications, These  3 peacock are the outcome of the beautification projects. Health and Family planning ministry sponsored these three large birds.

I circled that sculpture 2 times, the interesting facts that some vehicles do the same as I do,. just to watch it, I guess the drives sometime forget there destination after seeing it.

Now here is the twist of these three:
They are metalized, sculptured by many metal scraps(I guess), good way of recycle metal waste.
There are many unique sculpture are built in recent days, in few of these, metals is used as material.
This one must be the fully metal one.

Here are some link to the location Curious people
Note : To see it in Google Earth, you need to install it just click here.
Pix Courtesy :  Mizanur Rahman Biplob from Panoramio


asir said...

Good Job Daru

Faysal said...

Thanks for your appreciation.

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