Fuel From Plane!

Fuel From Plane:
Hemayetpur : Savar : Dhaka : Bangladesh

There are many gas stations beside this highway but this one is an exception.

The hanging plane is not an original one, neither is followed any model to any brand.
It is just a brick and concrete built aero plane on a gas station(generally gas station are locally called patrol filling or CNG refueling station in Bangladesh).

This eye catching object is located so close to Hemayetpur Highway node, beside Dhaka - Aricha Highway.

I watched the plane every time, on the way to my university, since it was built in 2003.This gas station is comparatively a newer one then its surroundings, so the owner think the plane could make fortune for him for making this station famous and to raise the sales. I don't know he is successful or not , but the it catches every curious eye from highway.
This post is a part of a series about the hanging planes, entire series can be found here.

Here are some link of that  place for curious people
Note : To see it in Google Earth, you need to install it just click here.


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