Reversible Destiny Lofts - 'Staves off Death'

Reversible Destiny Lofts

Shusaku Arakawa & Madeline Gin's Death Reversing Project

Reversible destiny lofts is an innovative housing project in Mitaka-a suburb of Tokyo. Shusaku Arakawa (an artist based in New York) and Madeline Gins (a poet) are two master architect of this creative project, based a theory called "Reversible Destiny" which aims to change the mortal destiny of human beings through interaction with our surroundings. This innovative idea raises a question to the attitude of pursuing comfort blindly.

Most people, in choosing a new home, look for comfort: a serene atmosphere, smooth walls and floors, a logical layout. The Reversible Destiny Lofts were designed specifically to keep residents uncomfortable, always on their toes. Uneven surfaces, details that will make you trip and fall, stimulating colors all work together to produce an effect opposite the calm and tranquil setting we presume the elderly seek in a home.
According to Arakawa-
"People, particularly old people, shouldn't relax and sit back to help them decline," he insists. "They should be in an environment that stimulates their senses and invigorates their lives." 
Both the master mind describe there philosphy and view about this special architecture, costs 2 million USD for construction. Watch : 
The house is structured by many spheres, cylinders and cubes stacked up like bricks.THE house is off-limits to children, and adults are asked to sign a waiver when they enter. The main concern is the concrete floor, which rises and falls like the surface of a vast, bumpy chocolate chip cookie.

Image From  New York Times

Image from Common Gate

Perhaps the following Quote is the most appropriate for the inhabitant of this death reversing apartment
"If you live in a Reversible Destiny Loft, the conceptual alternate universe will jostle you into good health and keep you ticking well into the 22nd century"

Inside, each apartment features a dining room with a grainy, surfaced floor that slopes erratically, a sunken kitchen and a study with a concave floor. Electric switches are located in unexpected places on the walls so you have to feel around for the right one. A glass door to the veranda is so small you have to bend to crawl out.The following tube shows the way inhabitants of this apartment do their daily activities, It really interseting, 

watch more  : 

They cost $750,000, at least double what other places in the same nabe go for. 
Now that's really uncomfortable

More feature and images : 

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