Teota Palace : Another Ruined Rajbari

Teota Palace : Another Ruined Palace
Teota : Shibalaya : Manikganj : Bangladesh

Teota(often pronounced as Tauta) is a place beside the Bank of mighty Jamuna river, is the home of another ruined palace of land lord; a heritage site, dated back to 1703. This is the second palace estate in Manikganj, but not so famous like the Baliati palace of Saturia. Last 17th Oct,2011 I visited the palace to check out its recent status. To my opinion, its is one one of the fascinating palaces in Bangladesh. If the entire estate would reenumerate, it would equally bring tourist and keep its glory alive like Ahsan Manjil or the Rangpur JamindarBari. Most of these photos in this post were taken in low resolution VGA Camera, i hope the readers will enjoy the pictures too.

Teota palace and Navaratna temple southern view
Panchanan Ray Chaudhury,a tobacco business man from Dinajpur[3, founded this palace to collect revenue durring the Company rule[1]. According to DC of Manikganj, the estate was home for two brothers, named Hemshankar Ray Chaudhury and Jay Shankar Ray Chaudhury, who use this estate complex for collecting revenue[2].

Teota Palace various snaps, click on pic for large view 
Teota Palace: ruins custody & corridor to stair click on pic for large veiw

Architect Style and Interior
The palace has a lot of similarities with another palace of Baliati, .This palace,comprising a maze of courtyards and buildings[3]on 7.38 acres of land, blocks accommodated sleeping chambers, a large ballroom with sun roof, dining hall,prayer hall, guest house, a charitable dispensary, stable, attendants quarter,conference hall and  hidden chambers. Entire palace contains some 55 chambers for various types of use. Most of these rooms ruined and faded in course of time. 
Most interesting fact about this palace is that, its a blend of both Mughal and European style of late 18th century. Plinths and stair rooms were made according to the Mughals, again lot of motifs reminds me the Greek Style of ceiling. Check  out the following photo, the sample of two enriched architect of the world.

Teota Palace: Mughal and European decoration click on pic for large view 
Teota Palace ; Various motifs and decors, click on pic for large view 
Most of these motifs are of flowers and petals, i rarely found any of the animals or motif of human around. Though the palace is faded away, but these decorations proved that the estate is one of the most prominent and graceful place in its vicinity at it glorious days. Tourist will find the ruins of entrance gate and 'katcharighar'-the court room at premises of complex.

Navaratna Temple
There is a Navaratna Temple (e.g. Kantanagar) at the premises of the palace, which seems lot more 'younger' than the original palace, to me! The temple was built around 1920s[1], owners of this palace tried to make the temple in European style rather using traditional  Hindu mythological decor. The remarkable Navaratna adjoining the rajbari, built in honour of the family god and used during the ‘Dol' festival, is among the tallest and most elegant ones of its kind [3]it is 75 feet high. I guess, the temple is white washed and plastered by local community several time. See the following photos:

Navaratna Temple Beside Teota Palace | click on pic for large view

Navartna Temple of Teota | click on pic for large view
How to reach there
Before going to Teota, travelers must reach Aricha port. Bus from Dhaka to Aricha is available at Gabtali or Fultali bus stand. bus fare depends upon the hike of oil price(90 to 100 taka). After reaching Aricha one can reach Teota by Rickshaw or electric wheelers(fare ranges from 15 to 20 taka) , check out the google map at the end the post :)

Teota Palace and Navaratna Mandir

Teota palace is somehow connected with Promila Nazrul, wife of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Biren Sen, a cousin of Promila, was friend of Nazrul. There is a rumor that Nazrul saw Promila at this palace first before marry her. Entire palace is now acquired by government. Land register of Teota is using a chamber at ground floor of this palace, there is a new Kaali Mandir is situated on the Nothern side of the palace. Like other Jamindar estates, this palace is also surrounded by some 4 ponds, Western tank is the largest of these ponds. Estate is now surrounded by Teota Union Council, fish market and other commodities. In the early days Jamuna river was directly visible from the frontal terrace of the palace. Now some 56 flood refuged families residing in the palace since the independence of Bangladesh[2].
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