Dubalhati Rajbari : A Ruined Palace

Dubalhati Rajbari : A Ruined Palace
Bangaon : Dubalhati : Naogaon : Bangladesh

'Rajbari' means king's palace, in Bangla. Dubalhati Rajbari was originally the residence of the Maharajas of Dubalhati. About 53 Rajas and Jamindar(lanlords) ruled this place, governed from this palace. A feeder road through Deghoi Beel started from Naogaon Fisheries end, about 5.70 kilometers from Naogaon, provide the access to the palace area. 

Raja Harendra Ray Chaudhury  constructed the main fabric of this palace during the Pala Dynasty (750-1174). The architect of this palace is changed  from time to time, is now a ruined place, standing tall as an evidence of monarch of that area. The palace has been destroyed by the Pakistani army during the war of independence in 1971. Present foundation is a rebuilt construction after the devastating jolt in 1897.  

This palace blocks accommodated sleeping chambers, a Darbar(reception) hall, one dining hall, private theatre, prayer hall, guest house, stable and attendants quarter and a conference hall.  Northern facing of the palace presents facades and long masonry columns vows the test of king and fondness Greek style architect. A plastered motif is still there, hanging on the internal entrance of palace. A turret is survived the destruction of weather. Few  panel of terracotta is still there sticking on the wall. The palace was three storied building(first photo), now remain two floors left for further decay.

The entire palace area is surrounded by four ponds, in addition there are some six enormous tanks centering the palace. Most of these ponds were built for irrigation and supplying fresh water during the famine in 1874. There is a bazar (marketplace) in the vicinity of the palace. Probably archeology department has no budget for reconstruct this palace.
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Photo Courtesy : Badiuzzaman Tamal 
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