Baliati Palace : Unfaded Heritage

Baliati JamindarBari Palace : Unfaded Heritage
Baliati : Saturia : Manikganj : Bangladesh

Baliati Zamindarbari is situated about 35 miles northwest of Dhaka and 5 miles east of Manikganj district headquarters. Passing another jamindar palace of Dhankora on the way. There were two great periods of palace construction in India: the first corresponded to the period of Mughal supremacy from the mid-16th century to the mid-18th century and the second to the British Raj.Here are some of the amateur  snaps of this semi preserved archeological heritage :

Photography courtesy : Ayesha Sharmin for Sight By Walk. Rest of the album can be accessed here at the Facebook fanpage. Enjoy :)
Geotag: Google Maps
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