Up Side Down House in Magalluf

Up Side Down House 2 : The House of Kathmandu
Magalluf, Mallorca, Spain

Well, anyone may get dumbstruck to know that, Kathmandu is located not in Nepal, its in Spain, which is conventionally impossible. But there is a (house of) Kathmandu in Magalluf, Spain, an amusement house in the tourist attractive island of Mallorca. This house is most decorative upside down house of its kind; which mysteriously seems to have fallen right out of the sky and landed on its roof!

Pix Credit : Kathmandu from Panoramio
There is a basic deference with the famous Szymbark house.  This one is 'upside down' only at its outlook appearance, not inside.The House  is properly located between Magalluf and Palma Nova.It is styled to look like an upside down Tibetan-style mansion. The house consists of a number of different rooms showing apparently amusing and amazing artifacts and illusions, mysteries and legends, interactive games, special effects, magical illusions and the robotics.

Pix Credit : Jose Manuel Docal F from Panoramio
Screen shot of the visual presentation from website
This post is a part of the series of Upside Down Architects around the world, entire series of articles will be found here. There are more coming in future...
Address: Avd Pedro Vaqer Ramis no 9 [Google Street View]
Useful Links : Around Mallorca | Official Web | Google Earth View


jesusfreak said...

haha thats crazy!

FP said...


teca said...

Hey! Genial! Super cool!


My name is Renée. said...

Wow this looks weird :D

Amin said...

I have not seen before so like thing!
Thank You very much for sharing...

ကိုျဖိဳး said...

that is really interesting and amazing ideas!

ၿမတ္ပုလဲၿဖဴ said...

শুভ সন্ধ্যা!
Awesome creative.

I used this from http://www.bengali-dictionary.com/ .


Faysal said...

শুভ সন্ধ্যা!
Awesome creative.
you are clever and handy. Thanks for liking and appreciation. Stay well

rama said...

I really liked it. It is awesome.One can make any kind of house anywhere in the world but to make a upside down house is something new.
But i don't think it is strange as, Spain had the most brilliant Architect, Antony Gaudi (also my favorite) whose mind worked in weird ways and if see the buildings he has designed, they may not be upside down but very, very different, unique and beautiful and something out of the world.
Maybe the person who owns this place must have been definitely inspired by him and went a little further, than the master builder.
Nice interesting information.

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