Up side Down Helicopter from Sulzburg

romA Helicopter Upside Down in a Public Space had set beside the horse fountain, North to the Dom of Saint Rupart, in 2006. The Idea of such strange sculpture come out of the mind of Paola Pivi, an Italian (born 1971 at Milano) artist, who works in Anchorage (Alaska). the idea of such odd subject is to twist the people .

According to her opinion -
"a helicopter upside down in a public square, which meant that people driving in the car, riding the bus, or visiting that area of town would bump into a helicopter around the corner.That kind of unexpected encounter was really important to me.Museo Magazine

Pix from  l-olli from Panoramio

Pix from Bernd Ploderer from Flickr
There is a board next to it explaining the significance of this poorly landed Westland Wessex aircraft, it says:

Usually, Paola Pivi does the impossible, combines the incompatible, and confronts us with the unexpected. The helicopter Wessex 558 - placed upside down - challenges the audience's imagination: All of a sudden it appears impossible that this tinny jumbo could ever fly: an allegory to the fast-rising careerist looking for a solution to the hectic daily routine. Paola Pivi's concern is the miracle of flight, the force, appeal, and fascination of flying objects, but also how helpless and devastated they appear when they fail to serve their obvious purpose" 
Recently the rotor blade of this aircraft has been stolen.The police could not stop the alleged thief.News Source
Official Paola Pivi page, In Google Earth 


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