World's Largest Solar-Powered Hotel

The Solar Valley Micro-E Hotel also known as Himin sun-moon Mansion is the largest and probably the only solar-powered hotel on Earth(First and last one till today).Which is positioned as the world's first environmentally-friendly theme park-style hotel, opened during Christmas in 2009 in Dezhou, Shandong province. Because of old imagery, the completely constructed hotel is still not be seen in GE, We have to wait for a GE image update to see the complete sat-view.

Constructed by Himin Group, It covers 75,000 square-meters and features thousands of solar panels and solar heat pipe collectors that harvest and store enough energy to sustain 70% of the hotel’s needs.

The hotel has adopted many solar technologies to qualify as a green hotel. The solar energy is used for a variety of functions, including air-conditioning and water heating.e.g. Solar thermal collectors can meet the needs for hot water, and heating and cooling systems of the hotel; building has integrated photovoltaics to generate power and conserve energy and solar cells on the roof of the lobby light the hotel at night.

The builder's believe this hotel will be an icon for the using solar power.
It will bring them more deligates for their solar products as well as many tourists in the native city.
Address : Taiyanggu Avenue, Decheng District, Dezhou 253073, China
Photo Courtesy : Jany Himin and 小小赵 from Panoramio
Google Earth View , Google Map

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