World's Tallest Wooden Skyscraper : Kirkenes

Kirkenes is going to be the host of many architect and sky scraper lover. The Arctic border city of Norway is selected for the world's highest building ever constructed in wood, of course by a proper building plan. Currently the world's tallest wooden structure is a 144 feet, 13 story home in Arkhangelsk, Russia built by Nikolai  Sutyagin.

Barents Authority of Norway is providing the financial support for this master wooden structure. It will be their future secretariat. It will become a monument of 16-17 floors, all built in natural materials with innovative and environmental solution in all parts of building. 
According  Reilulf Ramstad the architect of the project - 
The idea is to construct a building which will be CO2 neutral., where the concept of the cycles of nature will be preserved. The firm is rely to integrate the systems that also enables it-to adept to the changing seasons and climate.
The planning also includes to reuse biodegradable house hold and industrial waste to produce biogas. Recycle materials from the surrounding area will be incorporated into the design, which is based on traditional architect from Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The interior of the center will house energy efficient offices for the secretariat as well as a library, a theater and a creative environment for the artists, researchers, students and other relevant institutions.

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