World Largest Free Standing Hockey Stick and Puck

World Largest Free Standing Hockey Stick and Puck

Sometimes referred to as the "Big Stick" and sometimes referred to simply as "The Stick," This giant hockey stick and puck is believed to be the largest free standing hockey stick on the earth.

Measuring 110 feet and weighing over 10,000 pounds (5 Ton),this Christian Brother's authentic hockey stick is complete with a giant rubber puck. This giant is located in Eveleth, Minnesota.The home of US Hockey Hall of Fame 

This stick is the second largest in history , because the Largest One  is about 205 meters in length, 

located in Duncan, Vancouver, but not as free standing one. 

Travelers can go there to see the second but proud hockey stick and puck, by following address-
Address : 122 Grant Ave. Eveleth, MN 55734, 218-741-2717
Image Source : City of Eveleth and Iron Range
For location in  Google Earth , just click << . 

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