Philadelphia's Magic Gardens : Trash Turns into Art

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens : Trash Turns into Art
Philadelphia: Pennsylvania : USA

The Magic Garden is collection and home for the thousand piece of artwork, which are specially made of glass plates and ceramics, out of scraps. The preserves of mosaics of its founder Isaiah Zagar. Since 1994 Zagar and his wife start collecting and recycling broken bottles,bicycle wheels, discarded ceramic plates, hand made tiles, and shards of mirror that form walls and tunnels, into artful sculptures and murals. Now magic garden is the centerfold for such 'recycled' art.
Latin American folk art plays the instrumental role to influence Zagar to make these 'transforming garbage into mosaic arts'. Besides, this magic garden his recycled-art mosaics can be found on 55 walls across the city of Philadelphia, and his wife even owns a Folk Art Store nearby called Eyes Gallery.

Peter Gorman from Panoramio 
From the officialFlickrstream
dhcfrom Flickr
This garden is open for public. Visitors can visit the entire garden for 5$, for rising fund for to preserve this place.
Address : 1020 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 [Street View]
Official Web | Google Map | Flickr photostream | Inhabitat | Google Earth View


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It's amazing Faysal!
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