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Francis Town : Botswana

Francis Town is an important North Eestern City of Botswana. This city is last big city near Zimbabwe to the North Estern border of the country.The city is quite an old settlement, as well as second largest urban area of Botswana. The town was founded in 1897 is the major railway stoppage or link for Harare and Bulawayo  railway. This city is now spread in a good length and reach the bank of Tati river. 

Nyangabgwe Hill is iconic hill for this town.  Anyone can see this hill from a good distance and it can be seen from almost any parts of city. It is situated at the just beside the Zimbbwe road and almost in the mid east side of town.  The hill is elevated almost 1083 meters from sea level. 

From Panoramio
There are two walk way to climb and descent from this hill. A small water tank is up there. The hill is the top place of the city, thus, mobile, radio communications towers is standing on the hill. Some five mobile communication tower and antenna can be seen. The hill is a good destination for morning walker. Jubilee Clinic is the nearest public facility of this hill.Government residential area is situated down at southern part of this hill. Government Hospital of FrancisTown is named after this as Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital. 

Geotag:  21° 9'7.88"S  27°30'39.96"E |

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